Proseg + Training Program

A company composed of competent employees building a competent business.

Our secret is in the choice of each employee.  We have a Human Resource department capable of recruiting, selecting and training the best employees for each activity performed.

Our Human Resources department conducts a careful selection process covering techniques, psychometric and psychosocial assessments. After approval, in order to improve our services, the employee starts with our Internal Training Program Proseg +.

The Proseg Group values ​​the human being and believes that its employees are responsible for the impressive results that the company has achieved over the years.

Through awareness of the importance of its team, it has developed its own training program, with the aim of:

  • • Provide specific training;
  • • Develop a career plan;
  • • Ensure employee satisfaction;
  • • Seek greater integration of employees into the company;
  • • Improve the quality of services.

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